E3 Spark Plugs–Not such a good idea


So I was in one of my favorite auto parts stores and looking for spark plugs for my Toyota pickup truck.  It’s a 1992 red mini-pickup with the 22RE 2.4 liter, four cylinder engine.  They guy at the counter asks me what kind of spark plug I am looking for.  I told him that I wanted the best he had.  He has a set of E3 spark plugs which he claims are the ultimate spark plug.  OK, I’ll give them a try.  Less than 6000 miles later I am on the highway and the engine is having high rpm misfires.  This is bad.  So I pull off and hit another auto parts store.

I pull the spark plugs right there in the parking lot and look what I find.  These things are junk.  The electrode has so shrouded the spark that deposits are caked on and have raised the resistance so high that the plugs misfire.


I don’t think I’ll be using E3 spark plugs any time soon.

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13 Responses to E3 Spark Plugs–Not such a good idea

  1. The guy at my local store suggested the same plugs the last time I was tuning up my VW. Auto store employes are often pressured into selling certain brands and it changes monthly. I’m sure this month they have a new best brand!

  2. supplespub says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t opt for OEM from the get-go?

  3. Bennett says:

    Keep it simple. Good ole cheap NGKs or Champpions are the way to go.

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  5. Dan Joseph says:

    e3s are the best there is i dont work at a part store or anything i just know off of mechanics and race car drivers thats what they say to use cause it makes the strongest spark and gives you most power and fuel efficiency also the reason more than likely it didnt work is cause your engine needs new heads or a compression check cause if it cant handle those spark plugs there is something wrong with the engine its self

    • Carl says:

      when spark plugs get dirty like that is because of oil consumption…and losing electrodes are due to heat issues in the cylinder…those plugs are excellent when you have a healthy engine…i used them in a lot of my vehicles and never had any issues.

  6. I had an issue with misfires and E3 plugs recently as well. First set I tried burned the electrodes down to nubs and so the company sent me another set after I wrote them a letter. This time #1 cylinder starts misfiring. I change the older but still in perfect shape 10 mm wires and it still misfires. I put an old set of AC plugs I had lying around and the thing now runs perfect? I’m confused?

  7. Jorge Moyet says:

    I’ve been using them in my 1971 Datsun 240z since 2015 (post date Sept. 9 2018) and I’ve had no issues. I’ve driven my engine hard with these spark plug with no issues. The problems you guys are describing are from preexisting mechanical/fuel ratio problems. You cant expect to take an old worn out engine and pop in some performance plugs and expect it to run without a problem down the road. That excessive build up on the plugs is a result of a worn engine that’s burning oil also incorrect fuel ratio can cause problems also, too lean could melt the plugs (excessive wear) and also cause unwanted mechanical wear and tear, Too rich leaves a lot of deposits on the plugs and foul the plugs. As I said before can’t expect a set of performance plugs to do wonders on an engine with issues.

    Tip: when my carburetors are running too rich and leave carbon deposits on my plugs I use a propane torch to clean the plugs and ready for a carburetor re-tune.

  8. HJib says:

    I believe E#’s are best used in small engines. I use it my 1971 Johnson 6hp outboard and the thing rips and with no fouling. For vehicle, I’d recommend a plug with a double, triple, or quad “J” configuration. Or even a split-fire, but I’ve heard people say those are not good so….

  9. Doug Lybeck says:

    Plug ” Soot ”..Oil buildup usually is caused by seals ..rings…Or using to ” cold of plug heat range..Also spark firing always takes the least resistance..does not fire on all 3 ground straps..lridium plugs are great with there fine wire tip for a complete combustion..Always check your heat range from original plug….may need a change for correct burn!..Up or down…

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