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Mercedes 190 SL Restoration

As I was growing up a friend of the family bought a Mercedes 190 SL that was bright red and would carve up the country roads of Cape Cod for decades.  Sometimes being driven topless by the owner and sometimes … Continue reading

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More Great Things from PRI 2016

The crowds are filled with people soaking up all the displays of new racing technology at PRI.  There is just so much to see. The Cars Amidst all the equipment and accessories to support racing are the many cars on … Continue reading

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PRI 2016–Women in Motorsports

I was anxious to go to this seminar for many reasons including a desire to see just how far women have come in their interest in motorsports.  I had read Mad for Speed, the Racing Life of Joan Newton Cuneo, … Continue reading

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PRI 2016 off to Indianapolis

I didn’t expect to be the only flyer at the airport, but I was surprised to find a couple of flyers that had their own wings at the gate. All went well and all my connecting flights were successfully achieved.  … Continue reading

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Cars (and Trucks) You Find on the Side of the Road

In our own town we can drive by them hundreds of times and not give them another thought, but when we spot them outside of our normal territory suddenly they become visible and interesting.  Well today I was in my … Continue reading

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A Day with John Lawson

We met for breakfast near my hotel as I was driving east and had stopped off near Indianapolis to visit with John. We started off talking about racing and how it becomes a passion for so many of us.  But … Continue reading

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The Chick Magnet gets bigger brakes

In the past I’ve shared my adventures with my 1992 Toyota Pickup truck, a.k.a. the Chick Magnet.  I’ve had the truck for about sixteen years and it has been a journey of repair and improvements.  It got the Name “chick … Continue reading

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