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Studebaker on the Side of the Road

We were traveling back from the “Claw of the Dragon and went through a small North Carolina town when we spotted this store that was no longer in business. Off to the right you can see there are some old … Continue reading

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What a Great Day for Cars & Coffee!

It was fantastic day to go to a Saturday morning Cars & Coffee here in the middle of North Carolina.  The weather was beautiful with cool breezes and partly cloudy skies.  Hundreds of cars and more than a thousand people … Continue reading

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Ancient Ways and Rides to Nowhere

When I was a young lad, prior to obtaining a drivers license and having a vehicle at my disposal, my father would ask me from time to time (usually on a weekend) if I would like to come with him … Continue reading

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Stuck at Home with the Covid Lockdown – Car Projects

So here we are being asked, requested, directed, etc. – to shelter in place at home.  Sure you can get groceries and other essential things, but many of the things we car enthusiasts like to do are currently verboten.  No … Continue reading

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Willy T. Ribbs

  If you’ve never heard of Willy T. Ribbs, you should.  He was the “Jackie Robinson” of American auto racing who became the first African American to test drive a Formula One race car in 1986.  He would have likely … Continue reading

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1955 Building a Car from Scratch

In 1941 Kirke Leonard was growing up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  He was starting his first year in high school.  A few months later in December, with the attack on Pearl Harbor, World War II started.  His father, Parker Leonard, … Continue reading

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Another Car Magazine Bites the Dust

I recently received notification that Automobile magazine is ceasing publication.  I remember when it first appeared and eagerly bought a subscription.  I suppose that commenting that it is a shame that this is occurring would be expected, but unfortunately I … Continue reading

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PRI 2019–Friday!

One of the advantages of going to PRI as media is that I can get into the display area before the huge crowds do.  That gives me the opportunity to take photographs without getting in the way of the throngs … Continue reading

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Indianapolis and PRI 2019

I really do enjoy going to this trade show.  It was an early morning as the opening breakfast is not to be missed.  The shuttle bus had a heavy load of us to get there early this morning. When we … Continue reading

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Coming Soon – PRI!

Wednesday we travel to Indianapolis for the 2019 Performance Industry Industry show… More to come!

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