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Visit to Transporter Werks

Back in the post World War II era many German companies were struggling to survive the devastation and destruction that had occurred.  One of them was VW, short for Volkswagen, or people’s car.  It had been designed by Dr. Porsche … Continue reading

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Wild Weekend at VIR

Regular readers know that VIR is my “home track”.  By that I mean that it is close to home and a favorite track to spend time at if not actually drive the course.  This past weekend (including Friday) was a … Continue reading

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Pottsville’s Magical Car Museum

We spent the night in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, not to check out the Yuengling brewery, but to have a chance to see Jerry’s Classic Cars and Collectables museum. What a place.  In many ways it was a time machine taking you … Continue reading

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2017–Carlisle National Ford Meet

This was my first time at this annual event in Pennsylvania.  I had hoped to attend last year but my schedule was just too full.  So after a drive north in the P71 we entered through gate 3 and onto … Continue reading

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Mercedes 190 SL Restoration

As I was growing up a friend of the family bought a Mercedes 190 SL that was bright red and would carve up the country roads of Cape Cod for decades.  Sometimes being driven topless by the owner and sometimes … Continue reading

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More Great Things from PRI 2016

The crowds are filled with people soaking up all the displays of new racing technology at PRI.  There is just so much to see. The Cars Amidst all the equipment and accessories to support racing are the many cars on … Continue reading

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PRI 2016–Women in Motorsports

I was anxious to go to this seminar for many reasons including a desire to see just how far women have come in their interest in motorsports.  I had read Mad for Speed, the Racing Life of Joan Newton Cuneo, … Continue reading

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