USF1 – Maybe Next Year

The word is out that the US F1 effort has run out of gas, the money kind and has stopped all work on its entry.

The team certainly has put out a tremendous effort to achieve an entry in this year’s Formula One season.  The speed of development on their car had been phenomenal in terms of how quickly they set up shop in Charlotte, NC, gathered design talent, produced a viable design, and even produced some pieces.

The calendar and clock certainly didn’t do them any favors. 

It would have been fantastic to see an American entry, especially if an American driver could have been found.  Jose Lopez (26), who had been a test driver for Renault’s F1 team, was signed up as the driver in the last days of January.

Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor are certain to be disappointed, but I hope they will be proud of what they had been able to accomplish in a very compressed schedule.

The man with the biggest financial stake, Chad Hurley, co-founder of YouTube may find a way to continue in this year’s F1 contest.

My very best to all of the hundreds of folks involved and I hope that USF1 won’t just disappear.

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