Resolutions for the New Year

I will organize my garage.  I know when most people look at my garage they utter complements on how organized it is, but I really need to re-think how I have things placed on the shelving I put in a couple of years ago.

I will help my niece pick out a new car.  She has an older Volvo and is frustrated with the amount of repairs that go along with a five year old Swedish car.  I asked her to put together a list of things that she would like to have in her new vehicle.  After reviewing the list it looks like Mazda’s  CX-7.  It has a 2.3 litre turbocharged engine and is offered in AWD.  It has one of the best crash ratings (although I feel driving skills are a big part of accident avoidance).  I just wish the warranty was on par with Mitsubishi’s.

Get to the Tail of the Dragon.  I went with 14 other Evolution owners back in October of 2005 and had a great time.  I spent two days of driving the eleven mile stretch of 318 turns on a two-lane mountain road.  It is beautiful country and a driver’s road.

Do research on an electric powered AWD race/rally car.  After watching ” Who Killed the Electric Car” and seeing what the potential is for electronic control of power distribution I owe it to myself to do some more investigation.

Get to VIR.  It has been a year and I really should spend some time at Virginia International Raceway.  It is relatively close and has some of the best HPDE driving on the planet.

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3 Responses to Resolutions for the New Year

  1. mark says:

    All good things to be sure. Do you have any major milestones for yourself?

    Tale of the dragon and VIR experience are certainly good for your continually improving driving skills. Would you see these two things becoming pieces of a more defined direction?

    After your research, do you have plans for an EV project? Perhaps building a cheap EV track car to experiement with?

  2. Kevin E says:

    Did She ever pick out a new car ? lets update the readers on the selection and why ? 🙂

  3. jimsgarage says:

    Heck – I still need to organize my garage Kevin. No, no new car yet. But I’ve picked out at least three that she’s rejected. I still have over six months to find a winner. 🙂

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