Oregon–Green Springs Highway

This curvy highway snakes around the mountains and was a major part of our route between Bend and Hood River.  It was quite a road.


I’ve driven Pikes Peak and Mount Washington.  I’ve driven the Tail of the Dragon and many other mountain roads that challenge and thrill, but I must say that this one just may take the cake.


Guardrails are sparse and you can take the speed signs seriously.  The road not only curves, it undulates.


The Dragon has 318 turns in 11 miles, but this road goes on for at least 30 miles of amazing turns.  The views are breathtaking, too.   This is a fun road.  The Jeep Liberty is not a rally car, but it handled this road well and yes, I did wish for my Mitsubishi Evolution IX .

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1 Response to Oregon–Green Springs Highway

  1. Jake T. says:

    “…and yes, I did wish for my Mitsubishi Evolution IX”. I’m sure – looks like a blast.

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