Flyin’ Miata!

If you have a Mazda Miata or have a friend with one you probably have heard of Flyin’ Miata.  They have been around since the beginning of the Miata and continue to produce some fantastic products that not only make the Miata experience better but has solutions that correct some weak spots.

Mike was there to greet us once we found our way through the vineyards and fruit tree orchards that surround the Flyin’ Miata shop.


His bemused smile leads to a heart of gold and he gave us full access to their shop and cars.  It was great to be able to wander around and be able to ask questions about everything we wanted.


Flyin’ Miata, like most aftermarket companies, must adapt to the challenges of the EPA’s focus on ensuring our street cars comply with regulations.  Even when we search for more than stock power.

There were several of the cars that they used to prototype and test new product there for us to photograph.





Aerodynamic aids such as this wing are very popular for the later generation Miatas.

Mike showed me this new LED lighting kit for an NA that also will be an option for later generations. 


I thought it was fantastic.  I’ve tried LED conversions on other types of cars that I own with mixed results.  Often finding that headlight bulbs LED replacements actually hum!  Of course Flyin’ Miata’s solution is fully tested and worked out making it a problem-free conversion that provides superior lighting that has longer life than standard incandescent bulbs.

Mike and I were talking about the highly effective butterfly frame brace was with the early cars and he told me about how they now 3D print parts that are no longer available as replacements from Mazda.  One is a small piece that plays a big part in securing the convertible tops.


On top of that, they make a replacement door bumper that replaces the stock piece that by this time is probably cracked and  worn.  He showed how it provides a secure door closure that sounds great when you close the door and actually firms up the chassis since it provides a great and complete connection between the door and the frame.


As we wandered around discussing things they showed me a new technology battery that uses Lithium-Ion technology to provide far more cranking power and in a package that weighs about 70% less.  It also doesn’t need to be vented as the stock lead acid battery requires.  And no, this battery technology doesn’t have the fire hazard that we remember from the days of burning laptops.  Yes, it is more expensive, but hey that is the price of an exceptional solution.


See that button on top by the handle?  Say that you’ve had your Miata in your garage over the winter or that you’ve left your lights on?  What do you usually do?  Call a service or pull out your charger?  With this battery all you have to do is press the button and you have enough power to start.


Pretty impressive eh?  They will assist you with any mounting questions you may have.

And here it is in an even smaller package…


Jo found it weighed about what my camera does.  Amazing.

The folks at Flyin’ Miata were so very helpful and really gave us free reign of their facility.  Everyone was helpful and knowledgeable.  So if you have needs for your Miata or questions about a solution you are looking for, give them a call at 970-464-5600 or , if you are in Colorado take a drive through wine country and see them in person – 499 35 Road, Palisade, CO 81526

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  1. Sally Leavitt says:

    Greetings Jo and Jim from Moab, UT. It was delightful to chat with you yesterday in Mesa Verde NP. I did Arches today and will do Canyonlands tomorrow. Then it’s back to Colorado and Rocky Mtn. NP. Have a great rest of your trip.

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