Lap of the US–Contest with No Prize


Here is a photo of a car in Colorado Springs that was parked downtown. 

CS Blue Car 01

As you can see, it is blue, from IL, and not of this century.

CS Blue Car 02

It has a simple European interior typical of the 1960s.

CS Blue Car 03

The body shape reminds me of a Fiat, but it is not.

So this is your challenge folks.  Identify the year, make, and model.  Fill in any other pertinent information of the era this car was available and supporting links to support your contention. 

The prize is of no value other than bragging rights.

Please have fun with this challenge folks.  We are looking forward to your answers!

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2 Responses to Lap of the US–Contest with No Prize

  1. jimsgarage says:

    If our readers are looking for hints – the badge on the right rear says Wuzyau
    It is left hand drive

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