PRI 2019–Friday!

One of the advantages of going to PRI as media is that I can get into the display area before the huge crowds do.  That gives me the opportunity to take photographs without getting in the way of the throngs of people who really are enjoying everything.  So this morning I had some time to wander and get some clear shots for you…


It is a real contrast from when all the people are here.

QA1 offers many suspension upgrades that can take some older vehicles and transform their handling.  This display shows the engineering they put into their upgrades…


Next is the Driveshaft Shop that is out near Charlotte, NC.  I had them make an aluminum drive shaft for my Miata track car project.



Next stop was the Wilwood display.  They make many race specific brake solutions as well as upgrade for your street or track day vehicle.


As you can see, they include master cylinder upgrades, too.  IT is another upgrade that went on the Miata track day car.

Tanner Racing Products has suspension goodies along with alignment and corner balancing tools.


All are vital to getting the most grip out of your track vehicle.

Then there was GB fuel injector service and diagnostic equipment.  With today’s direct injection technology along with the traditional fuel injectors this is getting to be vital.


When you think of filtration the K&N brand pops to the top.   They not only make great air filters, but also fuel and oil filters.


While we are all familiar with track alignments and corner balancing, Creative Racing has a precise way of measuring chassis height.


Check them out.

Pit Pall Products have a vast selection of all sorts of racks, gadgets, and pit tools to help you stay organized and efficient.



Here is another look at Swift Spring’s new bump stop replacement for racing conditions.


Ford Motor Sports was there with their performance products.  Be sure to pick up their catalog or go online.


Tchnocraft has a great line of cabinets and work benches. 


Here is an interesting one with a surface drain…


…and where does it all drain to?P1130040

Borg Warner had a great display of their turbos as well as some great cars…



BMR has some clever chassis upgrades for that advantage in handling that we are all looking for.


Wizard Cooling radiator products range from diesel trucks to European sports cars.


ACP Headers even has header chairs for sale!


Full Throttle has AGM batteries for many applications.


Katech had a V-16 on display.  Originally produced for marine racing applications it is now moving to vehicles. 1200 hp


Racing Rivets has – well rivets as well as battery powered rivet guns.


If any of you are F1 fans than you want to see the Haas product line and support America’s sole Formula One team.


3D printing is all the rage and for some very good reasons.  ExOne had a fascinating display.



Check out these printed V6 blocks – the smaller one is about the size of a house fly!  the scalability is astounding!


Fume Vac is just what you need for you fabrication welding.  Get those nasty fumes out of there!


If you are printing 3D then you must be able to scan in 3D.  Here is a big project to scan..


If you need to be certain your body complies with specifications…

This is the hand too you scan with –


– and it transmits to this


For smaller items..


The company is 3D Systems out of Cary, North Carolina.

Motion Control Suspension has several levels of tunable shock/strut absorbers.  From stage one up to 4-way adjustability.


They are out of Alpharetta, Georgia.  Check them out at


The crowds for day two were enormous…



It was a great day and so much to see!

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3 Responses to PRI 2019–Friday!

  1. Buzzard says:

    I hope you found that elusive huffer for a 4.6….

    • jimsgarage says:

      I may have a line on an option. has a very nice option, but I (as you know) have been looking for a supercharger that bolts on as an intake. I found a possibility… more later after I continue my research.

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