Spotted on the Side of the Road–Pontiac Chieftain

I drive along this road quite a bit and have noticed an old Pontiac in one of the driveways.  I kept telling myself to drive in and see if the owner would be interested in sharing their story.  Well, finally I did.


I’ve got to admit that I  do have a sweet spot for Pontiacs and especially older ones.  My father bought a ’66 Pontiac GTO straight from the dealer.  I just wish that I had a drivers license at the time.  At least I got to ride in it quite a bit.  We had to put 500 miles on it before you could”open it up” so nights my father and I would drive up to Boston and back just to get the odometer to the right spot.  His father had one of the first car dealerships on Cape cod and sold Oaklands, which later were bought by GM and became the Pontiac division. 

so I knocked on the door and introduced myself and asked the owner if he would care to share his story about his Chieftain.  He was happy to.  He loves old cars and has many friends that have collections and one in Ohio had this Chieftain , but didn’t really care that much about the brand so he sold it to its present owner for a good price.


It is the Silver Streak 8 model which means that it came with a straight 8 cylinder engine.  It was 269 cubic inches of displacement and had well over 100 horse power.  It was the upgrade to the standard straight six that was standard with the Chieftains.

This car no longer has the straight eight.  Instead the owner swapped in a 350 c.u. V-8 Chevy small block.  The original engine was just in too sad a shape.  In order to cope with the power upgrade he also upgraded the brake system to power brakes and disc brakes up front.


The front floors were re-done and the front bench seat was replaced with some buckets from a Jeep.


The front windshield sports a sun shade option.


So to help the driver see traffic lights hanging above the street he has the optional prism on the dashboard above the steering wheel.


He really enjoys his Chieftain and drives it often, taking it to work and the family out to the coast for some summer fun.  He would really like a station wagon Pontiac model of that same era, but hasn’t found one yet.

It is always fun to see these cars still on the road and being enjoyed. 

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