PRI 20018 our second day exploring

As promised today’s entry will focus on some of the interesting product exhibits that we discovered while navigating the crowded aisles of PRI. Attendees were having a great time taking in the thousands of booths and displays. I always get a kick out of “Machinery Row” with all the machines from simple sanding wheels to five-axis milling machines.

While I continued on I came across an old friend, Robert Young, of Forced Performance. Back in the day when I had a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX, I was looking for ways to get more out of the turbocharged four banger and Forced Performance had a wonderful upgraded turbo known as the Big T-28. So along with improved cam shafts, and a reworked cylinder head from Road Race Engineering, I installed one of Robert’s Big T-28s. The resulting horsepower provided me with many exciting and successful track days where I was often able to pass Corvette C5 Z06s with my 2 liter 4G63 engine.

It had been a few years and it was nice to meet up with Robert in person. Along with Forced Performance, he and TiAL Sport have partnered to form another business known as Xona Rotor. Robert spent some time with me explaining the engineering breakthroughs that they have been able to bring to their turbos.

One of the latest improvements is the splitter rotor whose design incorporates alternating rotor blades that are stepped down in dimension. This seemingly simple change has brought forth huge benefits in terms of efficiency and power.


It provides faster spool-up with less energy wasted. It is like getting 100 free extra horsepower.

Robert also gave me an education in the internal design of the xona turbos where the shaft seals can not only endure the heat generated, but use the inevitable carbon buildup to form a protective seal of its own.

All the main components of xona turbochargers are made in-house and in the US, which is also a plus. It was great to get to spend some quality time with Robert as well as get an in-depth education on the latest in turbocharger design.


Off we went to explore some more corners of the PRI floor show.


There are plenty of attendees and that is especially true on the second day.  Many great and respected brands are represented:



What I’d like to do is give you a peek at some of the other exhibits that are tucked in the corners and might not be quite so well known, but still interesting.

We found an aluminum car trailer that didn’t need ramps:


The whole trailer dropped down so you can drive your car right on.  Futura Car Lifts was there from New Zealand.

There was another company from the US that had their own version. 


They are No Ramp.  While they started these to accommodate large utility equipment, they soon discovered that track car owners were looking for a similar solution. 

Any of you out there that follow Formula 1 will recognize this company:


They had some exotic machines on display.



Their computer controlled milling machines are amazing.

Speaking of machining billet aluminum there was a display that really caught my eye.  It was the Bullet display:


This company has several engine blocks that they make out of aluminum and since I have had several Mitsubishi cars that used the turbocharged version  known as the 4G63 this really got my attention.



They are not cheap, but for racing they can cut the engine block weight nearly in half and still support horsepower well over 1000 bhp.

Let’s check out some of the other companies on display.  Here is Jack Tech:


They first had a booth at PRI a couple of years ago and offer some of the most innovative shop equipment around.  Their strut spring compressors are fast, safe, and effective.




Shop floors are always in need of a quick cleanup and you never know if it will be oil, antifreeze, or something else.  Well, here is a powdered product that quickly soaks up just about any liquid and makes it easy to sweep up and off your shop floor. 



How about dealing with tools and parts as you remove and reassemble? 



Grypmat make it easy to keep track of parts and tools while keeping them close at hand.  They also protect the car’s fenders and bodywork.

How about a lightweight welding helmet that gives you panoramic vision along with auto-darkening and true color representation?



They are Jackco Transnational, Inc.

There is even more interesting stuff out there and I will save them for another post.  PRI 2018 is like nothing else!

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