Pike’s Peak

Today we decided it would be a great day to drive up Pike’s Peak.  In just a couple of weeks the famous hill climb will be taking place so this was an opportune time to see what this was like.  Our mode of transportation would be the Chick Magnet, my 1992 red Toyota Pickup.  It loved the high altitude and the climb up to over 14,000 feet was a piece of cake.


We were allowed to drive about 16 road miles up the mountain and then had to park and take a shuttle bus to the top.  There was a lot of construction going on and little room for parking at the summit.


Where there was once only a wooden shed for shelter there is now a large gift shop and eat shop.  We took advantage of their special on a pair of doughnuts and a cup of coffee.  The air was thin and the view was amazing.


Above are the tracks of the cog railway that was shut down for the season while repairs and construction took place.

Then there was the view.





The weather started out very sunny.


There were ravens enjoying the summit.



Soon it was time to take the shuttle back to the truck.


But the nice weather changed.


There was thunder and lightening.  It held up the shuttle buses.  Eventually we were transported back to where we had parked the Chick Magnet.

And guess what was there in the parking lot?  A film crew.


They were from the television show Road Kill.  They had a Chevy that they had rescued from a junk yard and drove up the peak.



I’ll be watching for this episode.

Then it was back in the red truck heading back down the winding road.





So be sure to put Pike’s Peak on your list of places to travel.  It will amaze you!

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3 Responses to Pike’s Peak

  1. Jim's sister says:

    Looks chilly — and spectacular!

  2. Bill Leary says:

    On my bucket list!

  3. jo ferrell says:


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