How About Some Book Ideas?

I know that the Christmas season seems a long way off, but you may as well start thinking about that car person that you need to find a good book for.  Here are a few ideas:


First off how about a book that helps the novice understand more about their car.  This has great illustrations as well as perfect explanations of all your car’s major components.  If you know someone who needs help communicating with their favorite mechanic this will do the trick.  It appears to be out of print, but check on for a good used copy.


There is nothing more fascinating to read about than how much the automobile affected Americans since it became part of our culture in the beginning of the twentieth century and beyond. 


With all their computers, networks, and wifi capabilities cars are the new frontier for hackers.  Read all about it.


With the advent of the automobile came better roads, gasoline and service stations, and much, much, more.  Thing have changed and this provides a look back as well as a look forward.


For the race fan who needs to get up to speed on Formula One, this is the book to have on your coffee table when the races are broadcast.  In the off season it will educate and entertain you.


Tommy Kendall provides a great introduction to this book on the quest for racing speed.


Racing has always been a dangerous sport and especially in the mid-twentieth century.  The most talked about race for the last hundred years has bee the Indianapolis 500.  Here is a book that will provide you insight and history on this famous race.


This novel is a page turner for the car enthusiast.


The sub-title says it best, “Where old car nuts tell their stories”

Hope these help you find the best reading book for your favorite automotive enthusiast.  Remember, Christmas is coming!

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    Thumbs up!

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