Cars (and Trucks) You Find on the Side of the Road

In our own town we can drive by them hundreds of times and not give them another thought, but when we spot them outside of our normal territory suddenly they become visible and interesting.  Well today I was in my town and I didn’t just drive by.  I stopped and looked and talked to the owners of vehicles that caught my eye.


First off was this fine example of the classic VW transporter.  If it had the small windows in the roof it would be called the micro-bus, but that doesn’t matter.  This is a classic VW van from 1967.  It even had the pop-out split windshield.


I talked to the owner, Matthew, who has owned it for at least a decade.  He has had plenty experience with the air-cooled era VW’s.  His one is a pip.


It is the last of these transporters with the all metal dash, and these babies have plenty of room.

The engines were not full of torque and this was the first year that VW converted from a six-volt system to a 12 volt.  The engine in this bus was not a 1967, but that doesn’t matter either.


It has the dual-port cylinder heads and sports an alternator instead of the earlier generator.  That would place this engine to be somewhere near a 1974 era motor.  A larger displacement than the 1300cc version that was originally bolted to the transaxle.

These air-cooled wonders still managed to move this large box although climbing a hill was often described as rowing since you were forced to downshift in order to get more torque from higher engine speeds.

The owner had this one painted a while back and chose a classic blue and white two-tone scheme.

P1090561 (2)

It could use a real restoration but that doesn’t take away from its practical capabilities.  He has used it to take his family to the beach and other road trips.  I am sure that it has produced memories galore for the owner and the family.  I hope Mathew will be able to invest in a thorough restoration in a few years so that it can continue to be what it is – a VW transporter.

Less than a mile away I spotted another vehicle of interest.


This is a very different type of truck.  This is a rat rod!  I talked to its owner and found out that he had acquired it just about a year ago.  He had been looking for a truck that he could convert into a rat rod and then discovered this one already done as well as for sale.

He did a few alterations, but it was essentially the truck he was looking for.


With rat rods the beauty is in the beholder and the details count.  So take a close look at some of the details:



Yes, its slammed and an air pump allows it to drive when its not parked.



No parking brake needed.



Did you notice the roof treatment yet?




Joe, the owner is having a ball with his rod, and I don’t blame him.

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2 Responses to Cars (and Trucks) You Find on the Side of the Road

  1. Jim's sister says:

    Loved the roof. Do you think Dad would mind if I did the same to his Acadia?

  2. cars4usa says:

    The roof on that rat rod is very cool, I wonder how he came up with the idea.

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