Why Are We Still Talking About Electric Cars?

A couple of months ago I wrote about my experiences test driving a Tesla motorcar. I think it might be more appropriate to consider these as battery cars.  Certainly they are rechargeable batteries, but batteries non-the-less.  Electricity being the power source and motors (electric) being the power plant that drives the wheels.

Battery power for cars is the key to its success or lack of it.  The ideal battery would recharge from zero (or nearly zero) to 90% in minutes and provide power to allow for a few hundred miles of cruising at highway speeds between charges.  Such an electric vehicle would compete successfully with gasoline powered cars even when fuel prices were at the $2 a gallon price (or less).

In a brilliant (maybe) move Tesla made its patentable technology open source right from the get-go.  The stated aim was to foster faster development of electric-powered vehicles.  Be careful what you wish for Tesla as another luxury brand, Audi, is getting into the EV market.  If Mercedes and other established luxury car companies step into that space what chance does Tesla have.

Without dealership franchises, not much.  While it was an interesting concept for a business model it is also a business model that will likely be the tapeworm that sucks away the profit potential of Tesla.  Has any car manufacturing company had a successful business model that included company owned dealerships?

With the currently low gasoline prices in America Prius and Volt are struggling yet out of the twilight zone comes yet another Electric Car company.  Faraday Future, another EC company borrowing the name of a nineteenth century electrical genius.  What is next, the Steinmetz Car Company?

Faraday Future has no EC, yet.  They are promising one will come to market in 2017.  If you look at their staff of executives you can see that they have raided several from Tesla and at least one from BMW’s ranks.

Rather than shout to the world what automotive rechargeable wonder they are going to enter the marketplace with their descriptions of their vehicle to be are soft and filled with marketing speak phraseology.

In the background are rumors of associations with companies such as Apple, and the Beijing Automobile Industry Holding Corporation, as well as the Leshi Internet & Technology Company.

Just a few clues have emerged on what a Faraday vehicle might be like.  It’s first iteration is to have a battery pack larger than what is available in a Tesla model S. It is to have “seamless connectivity to the outside world” with the promise of autonomous driving.  Also mentioned is “unique ownership models”.  Could this be a lease-only situation much like occurred with the Chevy EV?  If you remember in that case it meant that when Chevy puled the plug, all examples of the EV car had to be returned to GM and were destroyed.

What is the future of battery-powered cars?  Murky

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2 Responses to Why Are We Still Talking About Electric Cars?

  1. Jo Ferrell says:

    loved this article! still hold out hope for the future of ev.

  2. Jim's sister says:

    I’m still looking for a cheap one powered by solar panels.

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