Taggart Autosport–in Cary, NC


Tonight we attended the grand opening of Taggart Autosport in Cary, NC.  While Jim Taggart has occupied this 20,000 square foot facility for the past six months, this was the first time that everything was put together for a truly spectacular opening that featured not only their signature Rally Fighter cars, but many others including their Maserati race car.






Cary, North Carolina, has become a racing center with many of some of the best road racing venues in the country within an hour or two of this city.  Not the least of which is Virginia International Raceway, commonly known as VIR.

This superb road racing track is but and hour and twenty minutes away and just a few hundred yards over the North Carolina border. 



The local racing fraternity flocked to this opening.




Some day Cary will become as well known in racing circles as Charlotte, NC.

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1 Response to Taggart Autosport–in Cary, NC

  1. Jim's sister says:

    Great photos. Glad you could be there.

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