Could Vettel have been Sandbagging?

Watching Sebastian Vettel last season was watching someone who just didn’t like racing any more.  There was no enthusiasm from the four-time winner.  He complained about the sound of the power units ( I didn’t like them either) and said that he felt the car was just not right.

Meanwhile Daniel Ricardo was driving the Red Bull car and having a blast.  He would grab a podium at every opportunity while Vettel would have a lackluster race that quite often ended early for him with some kind of failure.

Formula One World Championship 

Then the word is out that Sebastian is moving to Ferrari while Alonso moves to McLaren providing Vettel with his seat. 

Tongues were wagging about Vettel being quickly past his prime since he couldn’t seem to cope with the new formula.  Was it that he could only win when his car had a blown diffuser and a mighty V8? 

With the Australian GP opener for this year’s F1 season Vettel  came in third and by the next race he qualified second and finished first!

Was last year’s poor performance an act so that RB would not hold him to his contract?  So he could slip over to Ferrari who couldn’t seem to put together a competitive ride for Kimi or Alonso? 

Suddenly Sebastian is making the new Ferrari fly and is joking with the Mercedes team.

It sure looks like a case of sandbagging to this viewer.

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