Formula 1 for 2015–what???

Formula 1 is never without controversy, but this past weekend leads one to wonder – what’s the point?

I can understand that Mercedes is enjoying being top dog.  Who wouldn’t?  But to dominate to such a degree and block all other teams from enhancing their power units is not providing a racing environment.  It is stifling competition.

F1 rules are monumental in their detail and it is difficult to get a view of if you are not directly involved as a competing team.  There exists a bizarre points and chit system whereby teams can spend them to make certain upgrades to their power units.  When teams asked for the ability to make additional modifications and fixes that would allow them to be competitive with the Mercedes power units, Mercedes vetoed the request.  Yes, the way the rules are, a single team has veto power.

So it has gotten unbelievably expensive to fund a complete team in F1 and last Sunday’s race in Australia showed just what has happened as a result.  Only 11 cars completed the race and only 17 actually can be considered to have even participated.  It was pitiful to see that the third place car was over 30 seconds behind the Mercedes winners.  Not even in Vetel’s dominance with Red Bull were there gaps like that.

And Lewis Hamilton’s hair.

lewis hamilton hair

Sheesh, he is starting to look like Grace Jones…


Oh well, to each his own.

Teams are losing interest in F1 almost as fast as the fans, which is an incredible shame.  Its questionable that the “power unit” formula is really appropriate to what should be the premier automotive racing category on earth.

I’m not totally sold on the argument that tight rules restricting F1 car design is really cost saving at all.  From what I’ve seen the more an area of engineering is limited the more money is spent to maximize return within the allowable box.

Bernie Ecclestone needs to get his head wrapped around reality quickly or competitors just might stay at home.  For the moment it would be a more interesting competition if the race was just between the two Mercedes drivers.

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