PRI 2014–the People

Yes, its all about racing and parts and cars, but there are plenty of things about the PEOPLE at the PRI show as well.  Sometimes its just the unbelievable number of people at the show:


As you walk along you will come across some people that you see in the industry like Tony Stewart:



You continue around the exposition hall and see a familiar face from Overhaulin’.


Why its Cherielynn Westrich!

Of course you don’t have to be a celebrity to be noticed.  There are always the people having the time of their lives, like this lady at an Iracing simulator that Indy had set up.



Keeping on the correct line is tough, but heck, these simulators sure are fun!

Then there was the Racemaker Press booth.  This company out of Boston, MA, produces books on cars and racing.  There was Jim McGee signing copies of the book about his career as a crew chief.


Sitting next to him was the author, Gordon Kirby.


It was great to be able to get a copy of his book as well as have a chance to chat with Jim. 

The quality of the printing of Racemaker Press is exceptional.  Having been in the printing business myself, I am impressed with the quality.

One of the high spots was when I came across the Isky Cam booth.


Isky has a long name in the world of racing as Ed Iskenderian not only became a legend in cam design, but he was instrumental in the formation of what is now known as SEMA, the entity that owns PRI.  He was at the booth and he and Don were nice enough to let me take their photo together.


PRI is a great show and one where you will always make new contacts and friends as well as run into some pretty special people.

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2 Responses to PRI 2014–the People

  1. Jim's sister says:

    Very enjoyable. Thanks, Jim!

  2. Karl Schlatzer says:

    Ed Iskenderian – awesome.

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