A Big 3 Day Weekend at VIR

Virginia International Raceway has opened up the full course track to host several great events this Friday through Sunday.

The SportsCar Vintage Racing Association has come to VIR and brought along several classic vintage race cars.

This Saturday I spent a good part of the day enjoying the sights and sounds of vintage racing:






Nissan had a great booth to show off some of their racing history:




In addition they had a pair of racing simulators set up so you could try your hand at setting a record track time:


TransAm racing is also being hosted at the track this weekend.  Today at noon there was qualifying and tomorrow, Sunday, will be the race, starting at 12:45 and going for 100 miles.  Tommy Kendal is on hand and enjoying the hot Chrysler cars:



VIR is a beautiful track and the weather is fantastic.  Treat yourself to some fun and check out the events.


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3 Responses to A Big 3 Day Weekend at VIR

  1. Jim's sister says:

    You couldn’t have had nicer weather.

  2. Brian says:

    Beautiful weekend for racing! Took my son up to introduce him to VIR. He got to drive a Lambo and watch the start of the second race.

  3. Giancarlo says:

    I saw a ton of stuff up there, as I was there almost 2 whole days. Kendall did not do so hot as I watched the Trans Am race. Had mechanical problems and was miles in arrears, last running finisher 🙂 However, Simon Gregg, who my father knows (Brumos Porsche of Jacksonville, Peter Gregg’s son….car has nothing to do with Brumos however who are well known for the Porsches they run in endurance racing) finished 4th in a Corvette. Got a neat photo of my father with Gregg’s car in background running live in the race.

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