What do You Do with a Porsche 912?

The other day I met a fellow named Karl with a Porsche 912 that he had had since 1966, when it was new.  For those of you out there that are not that familiar with Porsche cars of that era, the 912 was just about exactly like the 911, except that it had a four cylinder engine instead of a six.  In many ways it was like the predecessor to the 911, the 356 in terms of engine.  So it had a slick new body style compared to the 356 and had many handling improvements, too.

The one thing it didn’t have was power – and Karl became frustrated with the limitations of the four cylinder engine.

Rather than trading it in for a 911, he decided to go one better and install a Chevrolet Corvair engine, which was a six cylinder air-cooled pancake engine, in place of the four cylinder.

Nothing is straight forward with engine swaps and in the case of the Corvair six-cylinder it rotated in the opposite direction from the Porsche.  So Karl changed out the camshaft and other items so that the engine would work (rotating in the right direction) in his 912.

As time went on Karl felt that the Corvair upgrade just wasn’t enough.  He had the need for speed and the best solution for that was to upgrade to a V-8 engine.  That meant abandoning the air-cooled simplicity for a mid-engine, water cooled motor out of an Escalade.

engine and tranny

Escalade engine and radiator

engine and tranny mounted

With all that power potential he felt that he would need more tire for grip and more tire meant bigger fenders.  Out came the metal shears and he engineered some massive fender flares.


But just how large did the fenders need to be and how should he maintain the Porsche look?

He borrowed the lines of an existing Porsche and adapted them to his 912.


The red car is what he used as a template for his modified version.

Karls car project

left view body

So Karl is on his way to completing his dream Porsche and here are some photos of the project in process:






The engine is in place and the cooling system is all plumbed in as well.









This project is coming close to completion and we hope to be able to coax a ride out of Karl when it hits the road.

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4 Responses to What do You Do with a Porsche 912?

  1. Wow. Nice motor swap and all, but the metalwork is impeccable!

  2. BT says:

    This is what happens when a car enthusiast is left alone too long….. If a pet owner said,” I LOVE my golden retriever…, but what if he had a longer nose. I know, we’ll get a trunk from an elephant, and then- he doesn’t run as fast as I’d like. I know…. we’ll transplant legs from a cheetah. If only he would be able to get a beer from the refrigerator…….I GOT IT!….a monkey’s tail!” Soon, its not a golden retriever any more, and with all the animal parts, it has no real identity. Before you know it…. the enthusiast says,” Honey, I love you soo much, but wouldn’t it be great if you could help me diagnose that misfire on the 912. I know …….GM has this new bionic scanner for their multiport sequential fuel injection system. You know those butt implants you were speaking of….I have an idea……..

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