Fiat 600–small car Big restoration


The other day I made the acquaintance of Giancarlo and had the pleasure of seeing his beautifully restored Fiat 600.  Now you may be more familiar with the Fiat 500 of yore, or you may be thinking of today’s Fiat 500.


The Fiat 600 was a big brother to the Fiat 500 of the 1950’s and 1960’s, and it was full of much more in the way of upgrades.  Its engine was not only larger (633 to 767cc inline four cylinder) but unlike the Fiat 500, it was water cooled.  It had four wheel hydraulic drum brakes and the early ones had suicide doors.  The front suspension was a single double-mounted leaf spring that acted as a stabilizer as well.  The rear suspension was coil-over springs and shocks with trailing arms.


Giancarlo’s was in a powder blue with a white interior with light blue piping.


The interior was spotless and looked very period correct.


The suicide doors were far more fun than the regular doors that were used in later models.



Giancarlo had the engine rebuilt and bored out to nearly 800cc.


Even the gas tank was restored.



The front boot was set off by the leather belt keeping the spare tire in place.


Giancarlo was rightfully proud of his collector car.


He has taken it out on the road, but you must be patient as 800cc still has a challenge going up hill and keeping up with Interstate traffic.


But around town it garners stares galore.  In the mean time Giancarlo is working to complete the work on the restoration of a Fiat 124!  More on that in later posts.

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2 Responses to Fiat 600–small car Big restoration

  1. GIancarlo Fruzzetti says:

    Haha great pictures they came out much better than I expected they would. I wasn’t sure the lighting was the best. Thanks for the writeup.

  2. Graziano says:

    Dante giacosa was a genius. He made possible for Italian families to buy a car that allowed them to travel. Dante build the car from inside out creating space big enough for families to travel.suicide doors for easy access to back seat, rear engine eliminating transmission tunnel for extra space small displacement to save gasand many other features ,basic as possible, affordable and at the same time reliable fun and pleasing to the eye. Today We have million dollars cars but no one will Mach his talent by creating this work of art on a tiny budget.

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