PRI 2013–what it was

First of all it was terrific.  It is nice to see it back in Indianapolis.  Sure its colder than Orlando, FL. but come on, for the US this is the heart of racing.

So here are some more photos of the show…



There were exhibitors from all over the world.  Argentina, China, France, England, many Asian countries, Italy.

By the way the Brembo display was very interesting.  Most of it was taken up with a Viper SRT.


Then there were the displays of rotors and calipers that reminded me of a high end jewelry shop.



The odd part was that with all the representatives in their Brembo shirts and gear they seemed oblivious to any attendees.


They just kind of stood around talking Italian to each other.

But I did find this pedal set really fascinating…


After waving my arms and doing my best to get someone’s attention a guy finally came over to me.  I asked him to tell me about it and it was really interesting.  You see the cable there?  The knob on the end allows the driver to adjust brake bias on the fly.  The cylinders with the blue plastic on top?  They are the master cylinders!  Now that is impressive.  I mean, look at the size, they are tiny compared to what I am used to seeing.  The aluminum assembly was gorgeous, and the pedal faces were designed to be easily moved around in order to configure them for clearance and driver preference.  I found it a beautiful piece of engineering and design.  The Brembo display was just so minimalist and the staff acted barely approachable.  Must be an Italian thing.

Now, in contrast here is the Wilwood display…


Plenty to show and lots of interaction with the attendees…




QA1 was there with a great display of their suspension kits:




U-Coat It was there taking calls and showing product.


A proper floor coating can really make a difference in a shop that wants to be efficient and productive.

Ford took the wrap off the New Mustang.  This comes with many engine options that include turbocharging and standard with independent suspension on all four corners.




It was fun to see all the different cars on display by the various exhibitors:





Now how often do you get to see the underside of an Indy car?  Just about never!


The metal skid plate on the bottom and a view of the tunnels at the rear that produce the downforce.

The Sony display had a Lotus F1 car.  It was amazing to get such a close look at the details.  This is a 2013 car and with the new rules it is very different from the new cars of 2014 F1.






Bryan Fuller was there with his latest creation.  A hand-formed all-wheel-drive hot rod that will be powered by a 900 horsepower beast.  He told me that the first thing will be to take it to an autocross.  Talk about overkill!





PRI is a very special event in racing and I’m glad that I could bring these picture back so you could see some of what goes on at the show.  I am looking forward to an even larger show next year!

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