PRI Kicks Off

The day started with a breakfast with thousands in attendance.  The governor of Indiana showed up and expressed his welcoming good wishes as well as Indiana’s recognition of the importance of racing to its economy and success as the world hub of racing.


Richard Petty joined a “Good Morning PRI” show hosted by David Despain known as the host of Windtunnel from the now defunct Speed Channel.


King Richard isn’t in the photo above, but believe me he was there and shared many great stories and thoughts on racing.  I was so involved listening that, frankly, I forgot to snap a shot of him.

Then it was off to the thousands of displays that make up this show.



There were many names that should be familiar to those who love and live cars.





One name from my past of building hot air-cooled VW’s was Scat…



It was the only place to get a counter weighted crankshaft for the boxer four of the Bug.

The new Ford Mustang was still under wraps…


…but King Richard was there having his photo taken with many fans.


Ford was teaming with Factory Five on this hot rod powered by the Eco-Boost 6 cylinder out of a F-150.



Unlike the truck they have an intercooler mounted to service each bank of the V-6 turbocharged engine.

The turbocharges may look tiny, but they kick in below 2000 rpm and can provide about 20 pounds of boost.



Its nice to see Factory Five in so many places.  This will be a platform for prototyping and will be tested at the Dearborn test track among other places.

I came across this drill bit manufacturer that has a high speed bits that go through just about anything including a file – which is pretty hard stuff.



Then there was the 3D printer with complementary software in a booth.


3D printers have been in the news for all sorts of reasons, but they are an amazing piece of technology.  It allows for a relatively low cost way to prototype designs prior to going into volume production.

The capabilities of these printers continue to expand.  If you look at the items displayed on the table you will see a large wheel and tire combination.  They were printed at the same time as one unit, but of two different materials.  Truly amazing.


The joy-stick prototype is the same.  Printed as a complete unit, but with different physical properties to the material so that the bellows flexes just as if it were two separately made pieces and the buttons are also different material from the handle.

There were ultrasonic cleaners…



…and mandrel tubing benders…



Last year I wrote about this spring company and their new technology using carbon fiber for suspension springs…


This is their third year of testing and they had an example of what could be used in an Indy series car.


Racers love this because it is cost comparable to titanium spring sets in a much more compact form and it produces no side loads on the shock absorber which translates into much more consistent and accurate set ups on the suspensions.

In today’s video streaming world PRI had YouTube stars, David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan from Hot Rod and Roadkill there to swap an LS7 into this ‘67 Camaro during the three days of PRI.


They took a lunch break…


You can see it live on

Yesterday I stopped by Stainless Works booth to check out their display and while it was still a work in progress then, it is a real stunning display today.



As well as the monster drag car they show off some of their fine stainless steel TIG work on this set of headers…


Not to leave out a few automotive themed household necessities…


As long as you have a computer controlled plasma cutter you might as well have some fun.



Are you looking for the best cabinetry for your shop?  Look no further.



Honda racing was there showing off their engines in a Formula Atlantic car and one of ten specially powered Ariel Atom cars.



During the PRI show a team of techs is assembling an Indy race car.  Her are some shots of it as it progresses to a completed car.






Believe it or not, this is just a small fraction of all the booths and displays that are here at PRI.  An incredible show dedicated to the sport of racing.

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2 Responses to PRI Kicks Off

  1. Jim's sister says:

    Fascinating information for the car lover, Jim, and great photos. Glad you got to attend.

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