Red Bull–How it designs its winning F1 cars

Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel have become just about unbeatable this season as well as the past three.  Next year is a year of big change in Formula One with 1.6 liter turbocharged engines being the new power plant.  The Red Bull team spend approximately $300 million each season with at least half of it going to design and engineering.  Over 1000 changes and improvements are made to their cars each week.

Now the Red Bull Formula One team has released the first of four YouTube videos that will provide some insight into the very secret world of Formula One car design:

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2 Responses to Red Bull–How it designs its winning F1 cars

  1. Sara Jey. says:

    Five months to develop the car with an average of 1,000 design changes per week – can you just imagine the pressure the design & engineering teams face? I love how Newey says “The development race never stops”. That statement’s applicable to the whole of life, not just Red Bull Formula 1 Racing.

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