Bowling Green– wait for it–Ohio

Yes I know all you Corvette fans will be disappointed, but I just had to visit Snook’s Dream Cars in Bowling Green, Ohio.


I mean, look at this place!  Its like going back in time, only better.  The entry to the museum portion was chock full of memorabilia.  Some of this stuff I remember from the JC Whitney catalogs that I used to get in the early 1970’s.  Classic stuff.



The entry fee is modest and it allows you in to see rooms that will definitely either bring back memories or provide you with a view into the past history of all things motor cars.


What could be better than a BMW Isetta.  This one was a 1957 model 300.  The door was the whole front of the car and it had a 1 cylinder engine that put out about 12 hp on a good day.  That meant that you could fly along at say 40 mph if the wind was at your back.  But think of the gas mileage!  It weighed less than 800 pounds empty of a driver and passenger.  This is where BMW started from after WW II.


Then on to another angle of this room.


An here is a map with pushpins showing where many of the visitors hailed form:


Then on to the entrance to the showroom for the car collection…



While this is not a huge collection it has some meaningful examples of Snook’s favorites, many that he has raced.


Here is a 1968 Russell-Alexis.  It’s a Formula Ford chassis that used the venerable Kent block for its engine.  I had the same block in my 1978 Ford Fiesta that I later added a turbo charger to.  It was a strong block and a great 1.6 liter, four cylinder engine.



Now how could you not love this Lotus 11 from 1956.  Pure race car before the aerodynamics of down-force took over.



This 1952 MG-TD was just like the one my father drove me around in when I was a small lad that could barely see over the cowl.  This brings back memories.



This MGA was a favorite sports car not only when it came out in 1962, but for decades later.  It might not be fast, but the fun factor was immense.



Another great memory from cars that my father owned was the 1966 Pontiac GTO.  Here is one almost an exact match to his:



I loved those taillights.



These are some great cars.




What is really nice about this place is that it is not just a car museum where you can go to ogle cars.  Well, yes, you can do that, but say you would like your own car brought up to collectable condition – Snook’s does that, too.  They will detail and prep your classic for storage, or for sale.  They will help you find your dream car and evaluate its condition.



They have a multi-bay service area to work on customers’ cars as well as their own.



So don’t pass up a trip to Bowling Green in Ohio and devote some quality time at Snook’s Dream Cars.

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2 Responses to Bowling Green– wait for it–Ohio

  1. Kevin says:

    Was that a TR4A for sale ?

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