Indiana–Things on the side of the road

I love driving around here.  The air is a lot cooler than where I’ve been previously.  The countryside is full of corn and soybean fields.  The trees are nice and full and green.


I pass a lot of farms and houses as I head for my next location.  I even had a house pass me.


In the thousands of miles I’ve driven on this road trip I’ve naturally passed through many work zones.  Most of the warning signs let you know that fines are doubled and that if you hit a worker you will have to sell everything you own to pay the fine.  Its important that we keep these people working on highway improvements safe and secure so that they can focus on their jobs with out fearing for their lives.

In Indiana they take it real seriously.


If you speed it isn’t just a double fine – its up to $1000, and that’s before all the court costs and insurance points. 

But this reckless driving thing.  I mean 8 years in prison. 

With speeding you can be pretty objective.  Here’s the radar gun saying you were ten over the limit, say.  But reckless driving is kind of subjective for eight years of penalty.  I mean, who’s to say?  Is driving too slow reckless?  If I spill my Slurpee and swipe a concrete barrier, is that reckless enough to put me away for 8 years?  Anyway – be careful around the construction areas wherever you are driving.

This car on the side of the road really caught my eye.


A shorty ‘57 Chevy.


Then right near it was this other classic car.



Its always amazing what you see on these journeys.

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2 Responses to Indiana–Things on the side of the road

  1. Jim Grey says:

    Here in Indiana, x number of miles over the limit is reckless driving. I forget whether x = 15 or 20 or 25.

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