Adventures in Kokomo and Stuff on the Side of the Road

Not far south of Kokomo, IN, I drove past a building that said it was Functional Products, Inc.  It gave me pause to think about how someone would choose a name for their business like that.  I mean, why wouldn’t your products be functional?  How long could you stay in business making non-functional products?  What kinds of non-functioning products could you make?  Even a manikin, which doesn’t function as a human, does have a function.  Hmm.

I saw a really clean 1957 Chevy for sale as I drove south on US 31.




I was hoping to stop by a company called CAPE that I found about when I attended IMIS in Indianapolis earlier this year.  They are the home of the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation (CAPE) – a crash test facility that specializes in large commercial vehicle testing.  Unfortunately my timing was dreadful.  They were in the midst of customer testing and naturally it was highly confidential.  That’s one of the challenges for me as I continue to drive my journey.  I don’t often have a definite enough schedule to give these places a proper “heads up”.  Do visit their web site and see some of the examples of their work to make race cars safer.

I still needed to head back to the hotel so that I could provide you readers with some additional material.  On the way back I spied these nuggets of collectability on the west side of US-31.





So I was busy in my hotel room on my keyboard when there was a knock on the door.  I went over and opened it up to be greeted by a young woman in the hotel uniform asking me a question.  She had a very bad lisp and I had to ask her to repeat her question a couple of times.  It was a little embarrassing for me to try to get beyond her speech impediment, but I finally figured out that she wanted to know if I wanted my room serviced.  Trouble was she had one of those large studs in her tongue.  I’m sure it resulted a great deal of pleasure for her significant other, but it did give her a strange accent.  Anyway, she “serviced” my room, replacing towels and fluffing up the pillows.

This past Sunday I stopped off at another Cracker Barrel.  Yes, I’ve been warned, but it’s the only place I know of that sells Necco wafers, and I was desperate for some lunch (no I didn’t have the Necco wafers for lunch, be serious).  So there I was sitting patiently at my little table.  Whiling away the time by playing with one of those stupid wood puzzles with the golf tees in it.  I don’t really try to solve the puzzle, I just try to move the tees around until I like the pattern.  Well, there was a family group all sitting around their much larger table and, since it was Sunday, bowing their heads and texting on their smart phones.  It was very moving.  A family bonding experience. 

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