Things by the Side of the Road–Oh yeah, and Windmills.

I continue to enjoy discovering little (or not so little) gems by the side of the road as I drive along clicking off the thousands of miles of this road trip.  Here were a couple of vehicles I spotted in Minnesota:



Now who could resist this Cadillac?  All you would need to do was extend your garage another ten feet.


Then there is that irresistible tug of a pickup truck:



About eight years ago when I traveled on a similar road trip I saw a few windmill farms.  There is a huge one in a valley just west of Los Angeles.  It has a thousand or more of them and in a very gusty part of the state.

I had seen a few around the Midwest, but this time I saw a lot more.





It was like there was a contest between states for bragging rights.





I was able to get some really good close-ups when I was entering MN.



Then, as I entered Pipestone I discovered this company:


There were molds sitting outside the facility:



…and many, many windmill blades (or propellers):





It was amazing.  This company Suzion, had an interesting name so I decided to look it up on the ol’ Internet.

It turns out that its headquarters is in India.  That was interesting to me because I remember that back around 1970 there was a group on Cape Cod looking at alternative energy means that went over to India to study their windmill technology.  At the time their windmills were more like homemade jobs that consisted of bamboo lashed together to hold up a typical fan blade.  The bamboo flexed so much that the blades were mounted so that they were on the back side of the tower to the wind so that the blades wouldn’t hit the tower as it bent in the wind.

Well haven’t things come a long way since 1970?  This company is ranked as the world’s fifth largest wind turbine supplier.  That’s what they are called now – wind turbines.

This is the kind of technology that in the past a US company like ITT or United Technologies Corp. would be buying up and creating a world-wide power house of capitalism.  Instead they are focused on aerospace technologies and oil and gas technologies.

Life is pretty amazing, isn’t it?

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1 Response to Things by the Side of the Road–Oh yeah, and Windmills.

  1. Kev says:

    Buy the caddie – $6K a steal.

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