Stella’s Body Shop–Its not what you think…

As I made my way from Pipestone, MN, to New Ulm, I passed through Springfield and (almost) drove past Stella’s Body Shop.

Wow, where did this place come from?  Prior to this Minnesota consisted of large vistas of cornfields.  Cornfields that went on for miles.  At times they went from horizon to horizon.  Leaving a person to wonder just how much corn this country could use. 



But here was something beyond corn.  Stella’s was something I would expect anywhere but in the middle of all those cornfields.




So what I’ve shown you is just a teaser,  of sorts.  The front of the building with plenty of gas station memorabilia.  But there is more.  So much more.

Take a look at these cars:


Take a good look:







Look at the detail of these rat rods:




This stuff is real art.




The interior carries it even further…


I had to see what was inside the building:




Then I received a tour of the inner sanctum…



Now you purists might well be shocked by the conversion of Studebaker tailgates into benches, but understand that the tailgates used here were all that was left of the original pickup trucks and you can see that upper photo of the tailgates, a previous owner had welded a signpost to the bottom part in order to reinforce it.  So try to appreciate that this creativity has saved what would have been a discarded or recycled piece of steel and allowed it to continue to exist as a stunning piece of art – that is also functional.

Now take a look at this motorcycle.


This is an amazing business and it has been creating a rat rod each year for the past six years with more to come.


I love finding these places.

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10 Responses to Stella’s Body Shop–Its not what you think…

  1. Dawn Eichten says:

    I grew up in this city and can tell you Stella is a great man and very helpful…he is known by everyone local. His shop has always been a cultural and unique piece of classics in Springfield, MN.

  2. Cindy Valentien Bridges says:

    I’m pretty sure that back in the day my dad had a few beers with Stella (Stevie)!

  3. Who is this ‘Stella’? Where did he get the Rupperts Truck from Currie?

  4. Brent says:

    Stella and Richie are awesome. Not only do they do great work, but they are also good people! Stop in and say hi, youll be amazed at what you see and even more amazed at what you might hear!!

  5. Greg says:

    You will always leave a little wiser, and with a smile.

  6. John W Koop says:

    I Stella when he was very young man. I have heard he is a great body man and works wonders on cars. Don’t know if he remembers me.

    John Koop

  7. Shannon Nuy says:

    Stella is the greatest!!

  8. Jerry field says:

    Awesome! You never know what’s going to be parked out front the next week.

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