The P71 visits ADTR!

We were on our way out of Los Angeles and it was the one chance we would have for the P71 to meet ADTR – the source of many of its magical parts.

DSC_0024 (2)

Chris has been very helpful with all the modifications that the P71 has received.  While the Police Interceptors have achieved cult status, there is a distinct lack of quality parts with which to enhance them.

Certainly the folks at CM Autowerkz did an outstanding job preparing the P71 for duty as a road trip car, but there are always things you can improve upon.

Our P71 is a 2008 model and only had 60K miles on the clock.  It was a cream puff.  CM Autowerkz had the perfect titanium grey paint color for it and reupholstered the seats with red stitching on dark grey leather-like upholstery.  The headliner was all new in grey split leather.  It had the GoRhino pushbar on the front and the driver’s side spotlight was still in place.  A set of digital radio antenna are mounted on the trunk. In the interior is a Troy center console and a laptop mount in the passenger side.  My laptop stays available and fully charged. from the outside it screams AGENCY.

So what would be left to do?  Suspension.  A specialty of mine.

After a lot of research it became clear that the only source worth tapping was Chris at  He had a complete setup for my year.  Springs all around.  KYB heavy duty shocks that would complement them.  ADCO sway bars to complete the suspension taming.  Then, in the rear, a set of upper and lower billet aluminum control arms by Heinous.  Metco billet aluminum replacement arms for the rear Watts linkage.  With all that the P71 gripped the pavement like no other.



Then on to free up some horsepower and gain a tad more mileage by ordering up a set of Stainless Works headers and the Stainless Works 2.5” exhaust.  Throwing in a Steeda underdrive pulley set and a ported and polished plenum did the trick.


Refreshing all the fluids and the P71 has been the perfect road trip car in the spirit of the Blues Brothers.

So here was our opportunity to meet with Chris and take a look at his own project cars.


Casper was there, waiting in his driveway.  All white and with a supercharger fitted in place it easily puts out 300 hp.  Chris had swapped out the seats for a matching set of Cobra seats that provide magnificent support.


His rear wheels have been widened to nine inch monsters that fit some real rubber on them.  The nice thing about the P71’s rear fenders is that they come rolled from the factory so there is gobs of room.


Then there is Chris’s other Aero model.  This has a built five liter motor that is fully supercharged and puts out over 700 hp.  A monster that is ready to do battle on the drag strip.



Chris took me out for a ride in Casper.  The acceleration with the supercharger is guaranteed to get you grinning.  I was glad for the Cobra seats which made the acceleration even more pleasant.

Hmmm, what would it take for me to upgrade to a supercharger?

It was great to meet Chris in person and get a tour of some fantastic examples of what ADTR has to gladden the heart of P71 owners everywhere.

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1 Response to The P71 visits ADTR!

  1. Kyle says:

    “Hmmm, what would it take for me to upgrade to a supercharger?”

    About 10 large, I’d think.

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