Road Trip–things that appear on the side of the road

I left the Los Angeles area and headed north.  I had a chance to visit with a cousin and his wife in Los Osos, which also allowed me to go up the coastal road.  It was beautiful.


As I drove along I came upon this car on the side of the road for sale.  It is always fascinating how age and time doesn’t keep the inner soul showing of a car from showing through.




I did hit a couple of interesting car museums that I’ll dwell on in a later post, but yesterday evening, while having some supper I saw an very interesting person and her motorcycle.

I was looking out the window at the restaurant waiting for my meal to be prepared when a Harley pulled up with a very interesting paint scheme and piloted by a very blond lady.


I could tell that there was an interesting story behind her and the bike so I introduced myself and asked her to share it with me.

While we had some dinner she explained to me that it was her reward to herself.  She was a recovered alcoholic and it was to celebrate her sixth year of staying straight.  It was named Miss Alice, after her grandmother, who had raised her and encouraged her to take the first step and move on from a destructive life style.


I have had many friends who have let themselves be controlled by their addictions and it can happen to anyone.  It takes a lot of strength of will to recognize the need to change and even more courage and fortitude to do it.  This lady had done it and deserved to celebrate.

It is a beautiful motorcycle.


She also has a 1961 Corvair.  She purchased it about six years ago and is working to restore it.  When she is ready she plans to paint it in the same color scheme as her Miss Alice, and I couldn’t agree with that choice more.

Its always nice to meet people as I travel on my road trip and it was especially nice to meet someone who had the strength to overcome a destructive lifestyle and trade it in for a bright future.

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