The Nethercutt Museum

Out in Sylmar is an auto museum that will absolutely stun you with its majesty.  Here is a collection of some of the most impressive examples of the automobile industry from the early twentieth century.  They have cars from later dates, but the early cars are particularly stunning.

I arrived there this morning and discovered that my regular camera’s memory card was left behind at my hotel.  So I have done my best with my phone camera, but I know that it does not do justice to the cars on display.


The Cadillac motor company was founded by none other than Henry Ford.  He started two car companies prior to Ford Motor Company and Cadillac was one of them.



The coachwork on these cars was just amazing and the technology under the hoods was also impressive as straight 8’s and V-12’s were to be found among some of the more expensive brand names.


This VW from 1946 was one of the first post-war Bugs.  The British helped the company get on its feet and by doing so ensured jobs for many Germans that would otherwise have nothing.  The battleship grey paint was supplied by the American Army.


The car above was the smallest car manufactured with a wheelbase of 33”.  One of these was used in the movie International House with WC Fields driving it.  In that movie it was a black American Austin with Spirit of south Brooklyn on its side.


Here you can see just how small it was next to a 1934 Ford Roadster, a normal small car.

My apologies for the lack of photos, this museum deserves better.  But take my word for it and find the time to come and see this marvelous collection.

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One Response to The Nethercutt Museum

  1. Fantastic collection, but the one that I’d steal is the grey ’46 beetle. Could only be better if it was “dove grey”.

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