The P71 Decides

The P71 is a great car.  It gets more looks than a Ferrari – in a different sort of way.  The valet guys call it their favorite car.  Sometimes it has a mind of its own.


This afternoon it decided that it needed to find Joe Friday.  It conspired with my GPS to take us to the LAPD Police Museum.


No matter what turns I took we just got closer and closer until I had to pull into the parking lot. It purred in place with the A/C blasting away while it waited for me to organize myself and get ready to go inside.


Here was an amazing place.  A real police station turned into a museum as well.

Once inside I was provided with a device that looked like a cell phone that I could hang from my neck.  When I reached a certain display I could punch in a numeric code and it would play an recorded tour of the place where I was at.


I checked out the holding cells.  There was one set for felons, and another for misdemeanor offenders.  Neither of them were very inviting places.


Cases of various examples of handcuffs and restraints.


A motorcycle for patrol use.


Then outside were several police cars and vehicles.  Starting with a Ford.


Then on to later cars.  Some Chevy’s, then Plymouths.



Must be Adam 12.



Here were some cars that were involved in the infamous LA shootout where a couple of bank robbers were clothed in body armor and had fully automatic weapons.  At the time police firearms were not much more than handguns and shotguns.  This encounter would change that.





Upstairs was a display of the changes of uniforms and badges over the years.


Then another milestone event of the confrontation with the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) shootout.



Then there was Onion Fields story of the 1960’s.

Lots of cop stuff.


There were the guys from Adam 12!  Reed and Malloy.


And Jack Webb – aka Joe Friday!  The P71 was happy.


It was time to move on…


The P71 felt fulfilled.

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1 Response to The P71 Decides

  1. Jim Grey says:

    Buddy of mine who was a Marion County, Ind., sherriff’s deputy says that the 1971 Mercury was the best cop car ever — it was frighteningly fast.

    Thanks for the museum photos. I’d love to see it one day. Great stuff.

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