It’s Not My Fault

Look I know that I’ve revealed some of the special powers of the P71 to you folks, but really it has nothing to do with all the heat that is now where I am staying.  I kept the speed down enough so that it would not create a vortex that would suck all the heat out of New Mexico and Arizona and dump it here in California.  It is just a weird coincidence.  Really it is.


Nevertheless, it is setting records around here and it looks like it has chased Chip Foose out of town as well.  I drove down to his shop and was hoping to get in on the daily one-hour tour of the new expanded place.


I had the good fortune to actually meet Chip a couple of years ago when he was the celebrity at Autoweek’s Fantasy Camp that year.  What a nice guy.  Other than hogging all the good cars that were there…. No, really, nothing could be farther from the truth.  Chip showed himself to be a most genuine and family-oriented person.  The show Overhaulin demands a great deal of him (and the amazing crew of workers!).  The days are long and demanding for everyone involved and I truly hope his family understands.


So there I was at the gates to his place of business.  A car was sitting outside of the paint booth waiting for someone to shove it in.  Everyone was inside.  The P71 must have intimidated the staff that was left.


A project car sat on a lift outside.  It was a wing tank that could be destined to become another Foose classic.


But there would be no tours today.


It’s the hottest July on record here (so far).  I probably would have better luck if it wasn’t a holiday week.  But that is not what this road trip is about.  It is about keeping on the road.


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