On the Road–Just Plain Hot

Saturday morning I headed to Joshua Tree to visit a good friend’s place.  What a great drive it was, if only it wasn’t so hot out.  Records were being broken this week in places like Death Valley.  I was driving through the Mojave Desert.


But the views were at times spectacular.


The mountains were so… its hard to put into words the effect of seeing them so far off and driving toward them. 


These photos probably look good, but its hard to put in a few square inches what fills the windshield and the side windows.


I stopped for a moment to photograph this flowered bush.  To me it said a lot in how it has taken a spot right where the asphalt is.  It doesn’t care about the cars going by.  It is going to do what it should do and bring forth its blossoms to the morning light.


I was the interloper.  The road was the interloper.  Mankind was the interloper.  For the present.  Nature has plenty of time to wait us out. 


I also stopped when I saw this row of VW’s.  All the old air-cooled jobs I remember from when I was young and starting to work on cars. 


I stopped by Joshua Tree and then moved on to Burbank.


It was getting late and I was happy to reach my hotel.

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