Road Trips–Disappearing Museums and HOV

So I really enjoyed the Penske museum and who wouldn’t.  It was time to check out some of the other ones listed in the Phoenix area.

Next on my list was the Scottsdale International Auto Museum.  It was set to open at 10:00 which was right in line with when I would leave the Penske museum.  My faithful GPS guided me to the address on their web site.  But when I got there they were no where to be found. Hmmm.

I drove around, but nothing.

OK, its not the first time.  So I headed off to find Linidvig’s Car Museum that was listed on Hemming’s site. Nothing there.  Rats.

At that point I should have gone over to find the Marin Auto Museum, but it was getting hot and I was getting frustrated.

It was time to get the oil changed in the P71 anyway.


I am at my half-way point in miles so it was a good time to stop by the Mobil 1 Lube Express to get it all done.  The guys there were great.  They check everything.  They even greased the 12 fittings on all the billet aluminum parts that I put on the rear suspension.  I use Mobil 1 when I do this myself, so it makes sense to have it done by these guys.  Now I am good until I reach home in August.

So I decided to head over to a friend’s place in Surprise.  He and I had gone to two of Autoweek’s Fantasy Camps in Dearborn, MI, and I knew he had a business in the area called Southwest Ideas.

On the way over I was driving along the highway and saw these HOV lanes.


Now as I understand it HOV stands for high occupancy vehicles.  The sign says all you need is a driver and a passenger to qualify.  So two people in a vehicle constitutes high occupancy?  Sheesh, in the 1960’s they would pack twenty college students in a telephone booth.  Now that was high occupancy.

Now for those of you that were NOT born prior to cell phones let me help you understand what a telephone booth was. 

You see, without cell phones you couldn’t text or even talk to someone wirelessly.  Yes, I know, how did people function.

Well, to help out with the problem they  had these glass boxes that had pay phones in them.  So you had to stop your car, get out of it and into the glass box and have some coins to drop into the pay phone.  Sorry, no credit cards.  Some places you could call with only a dime.  If you called aways away (long distance) you would have to ask the operator (this was a lady you could talk to by dialing 0) for help connecting the call and she would ask you to put more coins in.  Now here is the real cool part – she would listen to the sound of the dings the phone would make as coins dropped in.  A nickel would make one ding, a dime two dings, and a quarter would make a dong sound.  Wild huh?

Anyway, back in the dark ages of the 1950’s and 1960’s there was no Internet or game boxes so teens would think of things like – How many of us can fit in a phone booth?  So they would try it.  They would jam like twenty kids into a booth.  It looked like pickles in a square jar.


Back to HOV.  So the sign says you have enough of a crowd if you’ve got two people in the car.  Oh, and if you are driving a motorcycle you can be in that lane alone and you are considered HOV.  The logic here is astounding.  If you have a hybrid car like a Toyota Prius well you can use this lane, too.

I am not sure what this accomplishes other than pissing off all the other drivers on the highway that are forbidden to drive in that lane just at the time when the highway could use another lane.  I don’t think they are picking up a hitch hiker or spending $40K on a Prius so they can pass all the other commuters.

So I spend some time with my friend at his place of business, but this guy is really busy with forklifts and such moving big logs around and answering phones calls, so I figure I’ll let him attend to his business.

I head back over to the hotel.  The temperatures are soaring around here.  It should be 117 tomorrow but that is in the shade and guess what?  There is no shade.  So it is just plane hot out.  I hit the pool and its like taking a hot bath.  But when you step out the water on you evaporates so fast you feel cold.  Amazing.

Enough of that.  So I head back to my room and notice that they have a little bar set up by the front desk.  That’s new.  So after I get back in my street clothes I go down to see what that is all about.

The lady behind the bar tells me that it’s the hotel’s happy hour with wine and beer and the first one is free.  I tell her that is fantastic, that as a recovering alcoholic I couldn’t ask for anything better.  She gets a pale look on her face and wishes me good luck with my recovery.  I grab a Heineken and give her a big smile.

Tomorrow I head out to LC Engineering.  These are the guys that built the new engine for my Toyota Pickup.  I have been warned that the temperature out there will be at least 120 degrees.  I am packing lots of water.

Then I will bid AZ a fond farewell and head to California.

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2 Responses to Road Trips–Disappearing Museums and HOV

  1. Jim's sister says:

    And in Britain, they got a Tardus and a whole TV series into a phone booth. Maybe Dr. Who reruns is the reason young Brits know what a phone booth is — even if they don’t know what it was for. 😉

  2. Kevin says:

    Well the Tardis (Time and reality distortion in space or something like that) was really a police telephone box. Its going back some but I think back then you used to only be able to call the police from the police call box.

    Such a shame about the museums though Jim. If you had a free day though you could have taken a hike up the Camel Back – sort of a big lump of rock in the middle of Pheonix.
    But according to the web site even that is closed for improvements
    I’m glad the beer was free at least. :o)

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