White Sands Missile Base

The road out of Las Cruses was a hot one.  The temperatures were soaring toward 100.  Lucky for me it was that nice dry heat.  If you don’t live in a place with dry heat you can always find out how wonderful it is by turning on your oven and sticking your head in it.  Wonderful isn’t it?


After climbing the butte (or what ever they call mountains out here) I descended (you always do that on the back side of a mountain) toward the valley.  Off in the distance was the White Sands Missile test area.


Soon I would travel down the military road to the security gate that no one is allowed to photograph or even hopefully to remember.

I was now inside the base.


I was being constantly monitored.  My thoughts were probably being scanned.  The P71 could only shield me just so much.


I crossed the main road.


There it was.  The most complete collection of rockets and missiles in the US arsenal.  I doubt my congressman had a clue what was here.  But now it was all available to me.

Would I be able to view all this ordinance and military equipment?  I could only hope.


This was fantastic.  I had the place to myself and there was so much to see.  There were signs for every item displayed and all was revealed.


Much to my chagrin I discovered that these signs were encrypted. Darn them!  It will probably take me hours researching on the Internet before I can crack this one.  Hmmm.

Well the missiles were all there and what a collection.  There was a Redstone.  The rocket used to get Shepard into space.


And over there was our version of the German V-1 rocket, known as the Loon JB-2.  Ours was copied from an unexploded V-1 in 1944.


Here is the famous flying saucer from Area 51 that I am not allowed to photograph or show you.


Then there is Fat Man.  The A-Bomb that started it all.



I wacked on it pretty hard with a hammer and nothing happened.  Probably was a dud.  I’ll have to write that congressman again.

This is the Hound Dog missile.  It was named after Elvis’s dog.  Or girl friend.


A B-52 couldn’t carry a tune, but it could carry a 5 ton Hound Dog.

Then there was this rocket from the folks at Beechcraft. Wow they make great planes, too.


Hey, I wonder if they still have Nitric Acid in there?


Where did I put my hammer?


There is just so much great stuff here.  Too bad no one is allowed in  here.  Well, I hope you enjoyed the photos.  Now I’m gonna have to see if the P71 can out run a rocket powered guard vehicle.  Wish me luck.

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One Response to White Sands Missile Base

  1. James LaMere says:

    Very funny & interesting! Great trip blog Jim!

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