Winona, TX–Lunch Time

I was still keeping off the Interstate and it was getting to be lunch time.  The last thing I was hoping to see was a fast-food franchise.  Instead, as I passed through Winona there was this locally owned pizza place.

I stopped.

The inside was invitingly eclectic.  I immediately felt at home and found a table.

The people were friendly and nice.  The menu was everything you could ask for.  It was such a pleasant change from the pushy insistence that you get when you stop at a food franchise off the highway.

I felt relaxed and at ease.

I didn’t care about the time or felt I had a schedule to torture myself with.

I looked up and saw the stools at the counter and smiled.  Mounted on old steel wheels they still allowed for a person to adjust how far they sat from the counter, but also provided a firm footing for the pedestal seating.


There was local artwork on the walls, and a local author had a book and some music CD’s on display.

The pizza and salad was great and I wished I could stay.

But the road called and I was off.

And I dragged the memories with me…

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One Response to Winona, TX–Lunch Time

  1. Judy Knell says:

    another good short film, my friend

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