On the Road–Interesting People

I was traveling from east Texas to Dallas after discovering that the GAF museum was no longer in existence. I wanted to stay off the Interstate so I could get a better feel for the people and the countryside.

As I traveled along I spotted what at first glance was an antique shop.


The classic old road grader caught my eye and I captured a few shots of it.



Then as I looked around I wasn’t quite sure if the place was open or not as I couldn’t locate an entry door at first.


Then I found it and went in.

There was Mr. Harold Wells, the owner of the place.  He was also the local State Farm insurance agent, and the mayor of the town of Gladewater, TX.


Obviously he was a collector and trader in memorabilia and antiques, or as he said his wife described it – he was a hoarder.  But he didn’t just collect things, he really did find buyers and collectors.


He and I had a very nice chat about what he did and how he got there.  Occasionally interrupted by a phone call from an insured or someone in the town that had to talk to the mayor.

It was so pleasant to meet him and learn some of those things about a town that you would never get if you were buzzing by on the Interstate.

It turned out that he also collected a few interesting cars.  Unfortunately he really had to stay around his office, but maybe I can make my way back some day and stay a bit longer.

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2 Responses to On the Road–Interesting People

  1. Judy Knell says:

    Are those 45’s or 78’s from Sun Records?

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