Muscle Car Ranch–Chickasha, OK

All was not lost in Oklahoma in terms of car museums, or things like car museums.


The Muscle Car Ranch is quite the place as it is ah…well.  It is a place like none other.  Sixty-five acres of land where you can see Curtis Hart’s tribute to the automobile and all the memorabilia that surrounds it.


It can be reached by many ways and with many vehicles. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV’s, and has a grass strip where you can land a small plane VFR.



There are three fully stocked ponds if you like to fish and hook-ups for campers, trailers, and RV’s from 20 amp, on up to 50 amp.



I drove around the acreage and took some photos of some of the interesting things to see.




There was a cluster of cars of which there were quite a few Oldsmobile Toronado’s.  They were a large front-wheel drive car the likes of which had not been seen since Cord motorcars had disappeared.





There were all sorts of relics and memorabilia to be absorbed by.


I didn’t camp there, but I can imagine what a wonderful spot it must be with all the land to run around in, ponds to fish in, and things to see.


There are also events of all kinds that are held on the grounds from time to time so you can expect to be entertained a bit while you enjoy staying in your motor home.

What a great alternative to the typical RV hook-up

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  1. Judy Knell says:

    Shared this one on fb to friends who have an RV and a crazy sense of adventure.

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