Cadillac Ranch

In 1974 three members of the Ant Farm, an “art group” created what is known as Cadillac Ranch by taking about ten examples of Cadillacs (1949-1963) and burying them, nose first into a field just outside of Amarillo, TX.  Since Amarillo kept getting larger they were moved, re-buried, in 1997 to a spot off I-40.

So there I was.  Looking at the cars off in the distance from the access road running parallel to I-40.


There was an official government sign declaring that no graffiti was to occur on that side of the gate.  In typical American fashion, it is ignored.


Shivering with anticipation I joined the groups of tourists through the gate and on the path to the line of Cadillacs.


When I got there some of the tourists had discovered spray cans of paint that still had some paint left and immediately decided that their artistic touch was required.  Soon the air was filled with the perfume of paint and propellant.


I asked a couple of young ladies who looked sensible what they thought of it and they replied in distinctly English accents how they were bemused by it all.  No wonder they acted sane.  Let the Americans act like idiots.


A few shots of the cars was in order.



Here is one where you can see the tractor in the background being productive with the remaining acreage.


That was enough.  Art of this magnitude can be overwhelming. You must be careful not to overtax yourself.


The young ladies from across the pond took some shots in front of the P71.  They are famous now.

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2 Responses to Cadillac Ranch

  1. Jim,

    Looks like you are having a lot of fun! I’m enjoying your pictures and the contrast from entry to entry – one day it is a pristine examples of shiny chrome, enshrined with 1/2 a mile on the clock and painstakingly preserved for the future, and the next day it is acres of rusting relics. And then, carhenge.

  2. Cliff says:

    This is absolutely on my “bucket list”!!

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