Museums That Aren’t–and then the Mercedes visitor’s center

I left Leeds, AL, and headed west to Tuscaloosa, AL, and the Mercedes visitors center where they have a modest museum that shows off their cars made in America.

The drive wasn’t bad and my GPS took me right to the front door.  Unfortunately the visitors center is not there, but the security guard gave me excellent directions as to how I could find it.  It was just three driveways down and it was easy to get to.


The wavy roof was a clear indication that I was at the right spot.


Then I entered the museum and started looking around.  There were some representative early vehicles that gave you the flavor of just how far the company has come in over a century.






Then there were some cars with multiple signatures all over them so you would get the idea that everyone was part of a big team here and loved to show their part in building these great cars.



There was a race car on display so that you would know that Mercedes was into racing.


There was a prototype car so that you would know that Mercedes was all about the future of cars.


There was a car used in a movie so you would know that they love fantasies.


There was a crash test car so you would know that they cared about your safety.


There were blank video screens and a theatre that wasn’t showing anything so you would know that they were confused about what they wanted you to really know about their brand.

There was a gift shop with some very high priced Mercedes items so you would know that they weren’t just another cheap car and that if you cared about Mercedes you were a valuable person, too.


A lady was nice enough to start up the DVD in the theatre when I asked her if there was going to be a showing.  It was all about the manufacturing process including what was done to ensure quality and safety.  The Germans must have loved it.


Then it was all over and time to hit the road.

There was a museum in Mississippi that I wanted to see.  The Classique Cars Unlimited in Lakeshore.  But it was gone.  Shucks.

So off to LA and Shreveport where the Ark-La-Tex Antique & Classic Vehicle Museum is.  Whoops, gone, too.  Oh well, off to Texas.

I arrived in Longview, Texas, to find that the GAF Auto Museum had moved.  Three times.  Then I discovered that it was gone, too.  Hmmm.

I stopped by to visit with a friend Dan and his wife and spend a couple of days close to Dallas.  They were wonderful hosts and he and I planned out a day to visit a transportation museum in Dallas, but we discovered that it had closed down for good.

Not to worry, because I had I had the Central Texas Museum of Automotive History on my list.  Well, then we found out that it had closed its doors and much of it was included in Dick’s Classic Garage in San Marcos, TX.  Whoopie.  We headed off on a four hour road trip to that one.

More to come….

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3 Responses to Museums That Aren’t–and then the Mercedes visitor’s center

  1. Jim's sister says:

    Great description of the Mercedes Museum. 🙂

  2. Judy Knell says:

    Do I detect a TONE? Snicker

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