Hemmings Motor News–a visit to VT

I was in Vermont visiting a cousin and his wife and thought it would be an opportune time to see the actual Hemmings Motor News site in Bennington, VT.  It was a little less than a three hour drive from Richmond, but it was enjoyable to wind my way through the countryside of Vermont.


Soon enough I was at the gas station in Bennington and would not only fill up the tank of the P71, but I would be able to browse their gift shop and museum.



This is a shot of their official building and between that and the gas station was a short walk to their museum.


It was once an very extensive collection of cars until the owner died, but what they chose to retain were excellent examples of automotive history.


This 1960 BMW Isetta got 63 miles per gallon and weighed 815 pounds soaking wet.  I actually remember seeing one of these on an Interstate in 1964.  The owner would push start it at an entrance ramp.  No mean feat since the entrance to the vehicle was through the front  swinging door.




The boat-tailed racer above was a real sweetheart of a car.  It was not hard to imagine the thrill of trying to navigate its way around a track at speed.




The delivery trucks above were just spectacular to see.



The 1938 American Bantam, above, sold for just $549 and you could pick it up at the factory.




This 1934 Brewster was a real eye-catcher. From its sweeping grill to the uniquely styled headlights it was a winner.  It looked like the kind of car the pulp fiction action hero Doc Savage might have driven.


I found the folks at the site excellent to talk with and really enjoyed the time I spent browsing the museum.

Check out their web site for events that are held there during the year.  This place is a “must see” if you are a lover of cars.

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