‘55 Buick–Rat Rod

Rat rods can be very interesting cars.  Not meant to show off fancy paint jobs or even special parts.  They harken back to the early days of hot rods when budgets were tight and speed parts were most often something you fabricated yourself.

I came across this interesting example of a rat rod in Raleigh as it was being prepared for a trip across the Atlantic.  A couple of engineers that worked together, one in the US and the other in Germany, had found a ready market for rat rods in Germany.  This 1955 Buick is an example of what German collectors are willing to part with big Euros to own.


This was quite an example.  I took my time walking around this time machine seeing just how it had been put together.


There were some really classic elements working here.  It had been a long time since I had seen Moon Eyes on a hot rod.


This was a supplier that was famous not only for its spun aluminum gas tanks, but its brand identifier, as well.


Inside the engine compartment was a classic Chevy big block with a very classic supercharger.

From underneath you could gaze upon the bottom of the engine and see the transmission.



The headers snaked their way to a turn-down and then out a dump just in front of the rear wheels.





The frame had been extensively modified in front and now sported a coil-over set up.


And the rear had a similar treatment.


The wheels were incredible.  I haven’t seen Cragar wire wheels in I don’t know how long.  They just might be worth more than the car itself.





There was Big Daddy Ed Roth’s Rat Fink on the rear window…


No bucket seats for this baby.  Bench seats are made for drive-ins.


You won’t be coming across one of these anytime soon so enjoy the visual treat.


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One Response to ‘55 Buick–Rat Rod

  1. Kevin says:

    Love it ! would love something like that – when I am more wealthy :o)

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