Steve McQueen’s Pickup–on eBay

If you’ve ever dreamed about owning a Steve McQueen vehicle his 1941 Chevy Pickup truck is for sale on eBay right now.  The bids have reached over $57K, but still needs to go higher.  Here is your big chance!

SM 1941 truck side

STM regSM 1941 truck engine

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3 Responses to Steve McQueen’s Pickup–on eBay

  1. Jim's sister says:

    Let’s see. Your birthday is in April, right?

  2. Raja says:

    Nice truck but way too much. Paying for star power I guess.

  3. Noel Ward says:

    That’s back when pickup trucks were reasonably sized. When I was a kid my father had an early ’50s Ford that was really sweet. But even though McQueen owned this one, it’s still just a nice old truck, about 10X overpriced, IMHO.

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