Rusty Gold

I traveled to Florida for a couple of days this past week and while I was there on a car matter (which will be covered in another post) a friend of mine and I checked out an auto recycling yard in the Tampa area, known as LKQ. 

It is one of the few yards that is a “pick your own” parts kind of place, which means you pay to go in and pay for any items you take out with you.  Part of the adventure is exploring the yard and going up and down the rows of derelict cars that are subject to being stripped. 

Most of what you see are cars that are ten, maybe fifteen years old or even much newer.  They may have just worn out of else they were a project car that someone gave up on.  They could have been a participant in an accident.  In any case they are now up for being stripped of anything someone might deem useful.

While browsing this particular yard I came across this Plymouth from the 1930’s.


This was not your typical yard find and I wondered what might eventually come of it.  My imagination ran wild with the possibilities.  This once stylish automobile must have seen some amazing times.


It would be nice to think that someone will come across it and decide to turn it into a car again that can ride the roads and carry passengers with perhaps a little more style and grace than  is possible in a new car.  Or maybe it will be sent to the crusher and become a couple of new fenders or a washing machine.

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3 Responses to Rusty Gold

  1. What a cool find. Imagine the stories that car could tell.

  2. Jim's sister says:

    Amazing! That car is almost as old as our Dad. I wonder if he saw these photos if he would remember ever seeing one or riding in it. I still remember the first car I ever drove on my own. I bet a lot of your readers could tell stories about the first car they drove. Mine was a little red MG convertible with a stick shift. I don’t know the year of the car, but that was back in 1964. Why Dad ever sold that car I will never know, but I liked the Karmann Ghia he got right afterward, too.

  3. Michael says:

    Welcome back, Jim. There’s something fascinating and yet depressing about junk yards but finds like that are very cool. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about the reason for your trip. The latest on the red sled, too.

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