Road Trip to FLA–a Special Car Museum

Thursday last week I flew into Orlando on my way to pick up my road trip car and spend a couple of days in Tampa.  While in Tampa a friend and I checked out a car museum in St. Pete.

I had tried to see this museum the last time I was in the area but just happened to visit on the one day of the week they are closed, Tuesdays.  So this time it was on the correct day of the week and it turned out to be well worth the trip.

Known as the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum it is a collection of some of the most unique cars in existence.  The owner/collector not only keeps these vehicles in excellent condition, he makes sure that they get driven on public roads and not just spend their time under artificial lights being dusted from time to time.

By unique I truly mean that many of these cars are one example of a handful and even one of a kind, such as the all-wheel –drive 1965 Ford Mustang.



You can easily spend two hours in this place.  The cars are fascinating examples of all kinds of automotive technology including a faithful replica of the first engine powered vehicle.



And yes, it really runs.

Here is just a brief sample of the many, many cars that your eyes can feast upon when you visit this treasure trove:






If you find your travels put you close to this gem of a collection don’t hesitate a second before traveling to see it for yourself.

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