Small Block–REALLY small Block

Back in 1955 Chevy offered what became known as the small block V-8 in the ‘55-‘57 Chevys.  They were a huge hit and have become a mainstay of hot rodders looking for a powerful, and relatively light weight V8 power plant.

There is another small block V8 out there now and it is barely 100cc of displacement.  Yes, you read that correctly – 100cc.  It has a one inch bore and a 0.952 stroke, putting out 9.5 hp.  On top of that it is supercharged!  Putting out 13 pounds of boost and reving to 10,000 rpm.

It is a product of Conley Precision Engines of  Glen Ellyn, IL.  They make 1/4 scale cars with working engines.

This is pretty impressive stuff when you realize that while you can change the scale of the mechanical parts it is quite another thing to change the scale of things like your major lubricant – oil.  Early on the engine made so much smoke that they couldn’t stay in the room with it.  To remedy the problem they worked with the folks at Sunnen to develop a special two-step honing process that allowed oil to stick to the cylinder walls and still have the rings seal appropriately.

So far they have built 40 engines and are gearing up to produce another 70 engines.

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