USA Road Trip–the Vehicle Emerges from Paint

Work by CM Autowerkz is progressing on the “ultimate road trip vehicle” and here are a couple of photos of it as it comes together:



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4 Responses to USA Road Trip–the Vehicle Emerges from Paint

  1. Jay Overacre says:

    Sweet, I love the choice you made. Looking at their site, it seems they will do an excellent job getting it ready for the road!

    • jimsgarage says:

      I toyed with the idea of picking up a used car at the local state auction site and then realised that I would have a great deal of work to perform. Not that I couldn’t do it, but these guys have been doing this stuff for over eight years and really know these cars. To have the entire car painted, sorted and nice leather interior – well you cannot beat their pricing. I hope to get it in a couple of weeks, bring it back home, and then on with the suspension mods!

  2. Judith Knell says:

    I have a concern…it involves you already looking like a Fed, driving this car in certain parts of our beloved country. Do you have a plan?

  3. jimsgarage says:

    I guess I will have to avoid Hyannisport then.

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