To Tampa with the Evo IX

As many of you know I am a proud owner of what I consider the best of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution series of road cars.  Mine is a 2006 Evolution IX MR (for Mitsubishi Racing) SE (Special Edition), which is a rare combination for this model and as best I can find out they made 250 to 400 of this specific model.  I purchased it in 2009 with just shy of 5000 mile on it and as of today it has 25,000 miles on the odometer.  My plan is to keep its miles on the low side.

But that has not kept me from performing some tasteful modifications to what was an amazing car right from the showroom.  The suspension was upgraded with a set of Swift Spec-R springs, Whiteline roll-center and bump-steer correction kits, and a rear adjustable anti-roll bar from Road Race Engineering.  Various bracing was added and some modest engine modifications.  The intake was treated to a K&N drop-in filter and a Greddy intercooler upgrade.  The motor has GSC Stage 1 cams and a Tanabe ARMS turbo upgrade.  The fuel system has a high capacity pump replacing the stock one and a Grimm Speed electronic boost controller replaces the factory unit.

I have had great success working remotely with Jestr Tuning in Orlando, FL, to enhance the performance with revised ECU flashes.  I data log some runs to gather data and Jestr responds with a revised ECU flash.  While that has been a definite improvement it was clear that it left some horsepower behind.

So I talked with Jestr himself and we arraigned for me to come down to Florida and have it tuned on a four-wheel dyno down there.  I have a good friend and fellow motor head that lives in Tampa, which is about an hour and a half drive from the shop in Orlando where I would get on the dynamometer for the tuning session.

The Tuning would take place at Titan Motorsports.  This outfit is known for some amazingly powerful Toyota Supras as well as a Scion Tc that is unbelievably quick.

Titan Motorsports Scion Tc

So I arrived early enough to get a tour around this amazing facility.


Here are some of the Supras that they work on for their customers:




The green one is a right hand drive shipped over from England for some special modifications before it will be returned to the owner back on that island.

They also work on Ferraris:


And they produce a twin turbo kit for Lamborghini cars that is customer installable.  It puts out over 1000 horsepower.

So I felt a bit puny amongst all this amazing stuff, but the folks at Titan really made me feel welcome, even providing me with some Titan water.


It wasn’t long before they asked for my keys so that the Evo could be put on the dyno.



Strapping the chassis down is critical and the Titan tech has a great deal of experience doing it right.  It certainly made me feel secure.


Jestr himself arrived and the tuning magic commenced with a baseline pull.


Here we do a pull for a baseline…

After several pulls and adjustments to the ECU maps the results are about 70 wheel horsepower added from the baseline pull.


That’s right, no parts, just tuning the ECU maps.  Pretty amazing.


By the last pull we had gotten hit with quite a rain storm, but even with slick rollers the Evo pulled hard.  Factoring about a 24% loss of power through the drivetrain I end up with well over 400 horsepower at the flywheel.  That puts this car easily in the FQ400 category and it certainly was a blast to drive with the additional power.

So it took about ten hours to transverse I-95 south and get to Tampa, another hour and a half to arrive at Titan Motorsports and an afternoon of dyno pulls to come away with an even more exciting ride than I arrived with.

Was it worth it?  Heck yeah!  I also got to visit some very interesting places between Orlando and home that I will share with you in a future post.  Right now I just want to enjoy this beast.

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3 Responses to To Tampa with the Evo IX

  1. Bob says:

    The extra horsepower sounds impressive, I hope you remembered to turn the anti-smokey stuff back on.

  2. Jim's sister says:

    Glad you had fun while you were away. We missed the rev of that engine around here, though. 🙂

  3. Lee K says:

    The mighty Jestr in person – a legend of the Evo boards. Now you can enjoy those FQ400 badges with performance to back it up. 🙂

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